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Steve Berry - Novels [The Third Secret, The Amber Room, The Romanov Prophecy, The Templar Legacy]

Posted By: rush11
The Third Secret

The UK debut of a "New York Times" megaselling author, "The Third Secret" combines the mass-market appeal of Dan Brown with a thrilling ingenuity all of its own. In 1917, an apparition of the Virgin Mary shares a secret prophecy with Fatima, a Portuguese peasant girl. Eighty-three years later the Vatican finally reveals the secret, but many believe this is far from the whole truth. When the pope sends his secretary, Father Colin Michener, to investigate the prophecy, Michener is pitched into a battle involving murder, deceit, forbidden passion and the ultimate fate of the Church itself.

The Romanov Prophecy

Steve Berry based this thriller on the present state of Russia, the actual disputes in the Romananov family over the question of the headship of the House, the prophecies of Rasputin and most of all on the eternal mystery what has happend to the last Imperial Family. All this is a perfect background for this action filled thriller which indeed grabs the readers attention right from the start. The story develops quickly, the personalities are convincing and the plot intriguing.

The Templar Legacy

"A New York Times" megaselling author hits our shores for the first time, delivering writing which combines the mass-market appeal of Dan Brown with a thrilling ingenuity all of its own. Cotton Malone has recently retired from the US special forces, to pursue his dream of running an antiquarian bookshop in Copenhagen. But when his old boss is attacked on a visit, Cotton is dragged into an extraordinary mystery - a mystery that centres around an old book, which many people seem to want, and which has already cost several lives. The book seems to point towards a connection with the Order of the Knights Templar, once the most powerful organization in the whole of Europe - apart from the Church itself - and wiped out in the 14th Century. Meanwhile, at an ancient abbey in the Pyrennees, the old Master is dying, and his deputy faces an unexpected challenge to succeed him. Someone wants to restore the Order to its former glories, to rekindle the secret it has held for centuries…Cotton and his friends must crack the codes and swerve dangerous pitfalls as they race towards a secret so explosive it could change the world.

The Amber Room

Although his debut novel features a trial judge as its central character and opens with a pretty typical courtroom scene, it soon steps outside the courtroom–way outside. When Judge Rachel Cutler's father dies under suspicious circumstances, he leaves his daughter tantalizing clues to a decades-old secret: the Amber Room, an exquisite treasure that, so the legend goes, was appropriated by the Nazis when they invaded the Soviet Union. Now, to find out why her father died, and who's responsible, Rachel (with her ex-husband, Paul) heads off to Germany, where she hopes to find the truth about the Amber Room. Based loosely, very loosely, on certain historical events, the novel is plotted cleverly and written with style and substance.