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Stop Paying for Shit! - The College Edition: A Mini-Manual of Scams, Cons, and Grifts to Exploit Higher Education

Posted By: Handlebar
Stop Paying for Shit! – The College Edition: A Mini-Manual of Scams, Cons, and Grifts to Exploit Higher Education | 654 KB | PDF | [no isbn] | DIzzIE | 2006

What follows is a short compendium of scams, grifts, cons, and general recommendations for the perpetration of blatant thievery, all centered around the exploitable playground that is the University. Yet this isn’t a guide just for college students. On the contrary, the majority of the tactics described herein are intended to be put at the disposal of anyone who sets foot on a university campus, particularly if it’s for the express purpose of defraudment. One doesn’t even have to be the exact ‘college’ age, as extended learning programs are becoming all the more common (though naturally blending in will be a touch more difficult). At any rate, certain credibility props such as a backpack can serve to relay the impression that you are indeed a student at the particular college you plan to hit.

Those expecting newsworthy swindles akin to those seen in movies or sensationalist news reports will likely be disappointed. The cons that follow aren’t grandiose grifts about how to scam free tuition or expropriate scholarship funds. Rather, these are practical, everyday techniques that you can use to score some free grub, get a little extra cash, or procure some free books to read. The methods transcend the colour spectrum of legality, varying from the perfectly above-board activities, to shady gray zones of pseudo-legit operations, all the way down to downright illegalities.

Table of Contents:
~Demand for Distribution
~Free Food
~Free Schwag
~Free Furniture, Hardware, and other Crapola
~Free Printing
~Free Photocopies
~Free Office Supplies
~Free Graphing Calculators
~Free Internet
~Free Software
~Free Miscellanea from Other Students [the joys of thievery]
~Free Money, Clothing, and Food [donation scams]
~Free Ebooks and Journals
~Free Books from the Library
~Free Textbooks
~Free Money (again) [reselling rare books]
~Free Basic Healthcare
~Free Money and Healthcare (yet again) [doing research studies]

Download mirrors are here: http://www.ftp2share.com/file/...%20Higher%20Education.rar.html

Have fun!!!