Stretching Ebooks

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Stretching Ebooks

Stretching Ebooks

Stretching is the activity of gradually applying tensile force to lengthen, strengthen, and lubricate muscles, often performed in anticipation of physical exertion and to increase the range of motion within a joint. Stretching is an especially important accompaniment to activities that emphasize controlled muscular strength and flexibility, such as ballet, acrobatics or martial arts.

Stretching is also believed to help to prevent injury to tendons, ligaments and muscles by improving muscular elasticity and reducing the stretch reflex in greater ranges of motion that might cause injury to tissue. For example, some research still in the preliminary stages has found soccer players reduced injury risks by stretching, however the number of players studied was not large enough to draw a firm conclusion. For sports such as tennis, where one of the long-term goals of stretching is to gradually increase static range of motion, the cool-down is an ideal time to systematically program a long-term increase in static flexibility…

:: Information About the Ebook 1 ::
- Title: Anderson Bob - Stretching (INCOMPLETE)
- Paperback: 135 pages
- Language: English
- Author: Anderson Bob
- File: PDF
- Size: 8,08 MB (8.482.932 bytes)
- Size in Rapidshare: 6.9 MB

:: Information About the Ebook 2 ::
- Title: Anderson Bob - Como Rejuvenecer El Cuerpo - Estiandose (2ª Edicion Actualizada)
- Paperback: 196 pages
- Language: Spanish
- Author: Anderson Bob
- File: PDF
- Size: 35,9 MB (37.694.628 bytes)
- Size in Rapidshare: 31.2 MB

:: Information About the Ebook 3 ::
- Title: Grandmaster Ted Gambordella - The Ultimate Stretching Manual - 175 Stretches for Every Body Part
- Paperback: 193 pages
- Language: English
- Author: Ted Gambordella
- File: PDF
- Size: 4,62 MB (4.845.738 bytes)
- Size in Rapidshare: 4.2 MB

:: Information About the Ebook 4 ::
- Title: The Complete Idiots Guide To Healthy Stretching
- Paperback: 275 pages
- Language: English
- File: CHM
- Size: 8,41 MB (8.820.854 bytes)
- Size in Rapidshare: 8.4 MB

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