Style life

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Style life

Style life
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Not all guys can be suave with the ladies like a James Bond or a John Biggs (they have the same initials!). At least, not without training.

If you’re still a virgin, if you’ve never had a girlfriend, if you’re recovering from a nasty breakup, if you’re terminally shy, if you’re suffering through a long dry spell, or if you’re a HARD CASE, it’s time to change your lifestyle. Here is my challenge to you: Get a Date in 31 Days.

I want you to succeed. In fact, I am going to hold your hand and walk you through every step along the way. Why am I doing this? Because it’s fun, and it helps the guys who need it most.

Although the contest is a week in already, if you need a little assistance to get you over the hump of getting your first (or first in a while) date, take a look at the Stylelife challenge. You’ve got nothing to lose, and you get to possibly win something to do with an airplane. Being pushed out of one?