Stylin` with CSS: A Designer`s Guide

Posted By: pa-co

Thanks to CSS, the days of using tables to position on-screen Web content are finally over. Now, instead of trying to fit square pegs into round holes, designers can use CSS to bring a page layout sensibility to their Web designs-if, that is, they have this practical guide to show them how! Veteran Web designer Charles Wyke-Smith uses sites that he`s developed to provide real-world illustrations of the concepts and techniques covered here, providing both a solid grounding and the need-to-know basics that will get users started creating their own sites using CSS. After introducing readers to the advantages of CSS, Charles quickly gets down to the serious business of creating style sheets, styling text, positioning content, creating links, designing navigation, and styling forms, lists, and tables. Then, Charles moves on to the really good stuff, outlining three approaches (CityDesk, PHP, and JavaScript) to creating fully functional dynamic Web sites using the CSS templates created in the previous chapters.

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