SubRosa Issue 5

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SubRosa Issue 5

The Daily Grail Presents, «SubRosa Issue 5»
2006 Year | PDF | 2,34 Mb | 77 Pages

“Issue 5 is the latest release of Sub Rosa, and it's once again packed full of fascinating content. We have an exclusive interview with respected parapsychology researcher Dr Dean Radin, on the evidence for psi and other related subjects. We also have a brilliant article from Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince revisiting the Priory of Sion mystery, Laurence Newnam takes us behind the scenes of the crop circle phenomenon, and Daniel Pinchbeck describes part of his shamanic journey in an excerpt from his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl. Our profile this issue is on Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and his contribution to the founding of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), one of the leading 'border science' institutions in the world. We review Entangled Minds, 2012, CircleSpeak and The Gift of Gabe. As usual, we also have columns from Ian Lawton, Michael Grosso and Greg Taylor, the latest news in the alternative scene, and a look ahead in our 'Crystal Ball' section”.