Richard Denney,

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Richard Denney,

Richard Denney, "Succeeding with Use Cases: Working Smart to Deliver Quality"
Addison-Wesley Professional | ISBN 0321316436 | 2005 Year | CHM | 6,21 Mb | 336 Pages

Build on Use Cases to Deliver Higher-Quality, Higher-Value Software
You can dramatically improve software quality and value by integrating use cases with best-practice software quality engineering disciplines.
Richard Denney presents practical, cost-effective techniques that help your entire development organization deliver superior software.
Using realistic examples, Denney demonstrates how to complement use cases with Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Software Reliability Engineering (SRE), Model-Based Specification (preconditions, postconditions, and invariants), Requirements Configuration Management, and Project Portfolio Management. Denney's techniques address challenges faced by project and product managers, team leads, developers, designers, software engineers, and testers alike. These techniques offer immense value no matter what methodology you use—from the Unified Process to Extreme Programming.
Use QFD to make sure you release products that are true to your business drivers
Drive your project's vision vertically, from senior management and marketing to the development team
Align/synchronize distributed development horizontally across component teams, product teams, and business groups
Use SRE to maximize reliability and customer satisfaction—while minimizing engineering costs
Build use case operational profiles that help you spend development dollars more intelligently
Get solid metrics that tell you when it's time to stop testing
Use Model-Based Specification to sharpen your analysis of potential failures
Understand precondition and postcondition realities they never mentioned in "Use Case 101"
Design effective test cases using preconditions, postconditions, and invariants
Use Configuration Management of Use Cases to help your company work smarter
Leverage use cases in Project Portfolio Management—quite possibly the most valuable process improvement you can make
Calculate ROI on your company's investments in a requirements management tool and process