Suppressed Inventions & other Discoveries

Posted By: rush11
I confess immediately to being a conspiracy believer: whenever people say I'm mad for believing the strange theories that people present, I always am reminded of the old saying, "Where there's smoke there's fire" and the ski's full of billowing smoke after reading Eisen's book!
Suppressed Inventions is one of those books that you can easily read and put down and then go back to weeks later because each chapter can be read alone-it is only the totality of all that he writes that leaves you looking for a very stiff drink after you finally put his book down.
I do not have a scientific mind and found the going in several of his chapters reasonably hard; however, this comment is in no way meant to steer any prospective readers away from this extraordinarily rich mine of very necessary material for anybody who would like to keep their fingure on the pulse of the new millennium.
Of the many lights that Eisen has switched on in this remarkable book perhaps the most astounding is chapter 27-"Did NASA Sabotage Its Own Space Capsule?" Aftert reading it I admit to being skeptical-I mean to believe that Grissom, White and Chaffee were murdered by NASA meant that there was no moon landing and that the whole Appollo 11 thing was staged on a secret base in Nevada-whoa!
I was skeptical until two weeks ago when I watched a prime-time TV doco about the theory held by many people that the moon landings were phoney. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that just because the US government says the whole theory is laughable doesn't meam that it's laughable.
My sggestion-buy the book and draw your own conclusions. Even if you think it's all rubbish then at the very least you are left with a compendium of many of the current theories about the truth of what we're allowed to know.