SUSE Linux 9.3 for Dummies

Posted By: Beta2Alpha

• This easy-to-understand book for beginning SUSE Linux users starts off with step-by-step installation instructions and a discussion of what happens when the system is started for the first time
• Explains how to use SUSE on the desktop, work with the file manager, connect to the Internet, and set up a home network
• Topics addressed include performing everyday tasks, such as browsing the Web; reading e-mail and newsgroups; and using the office productivity suite and multimedia applications
• Offers details on basic system administration and security and shows how to add new software and keep the system up to date with YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) and YaST Online Update (YOU)
• The DVD contains SUSE 9.3 Special Edition


For the ppl who have rapidshare banned in their countries or just say "rapidshare sucks":

the archive has no password and in tar.gz format which can be unextracted using winrar.

Peace :D!