Tamora Pierce ( 5 Sagas in english)

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Tamora Pierce ( 5 Sagas in english)

Tamora Pierce was born on December 13, 1954 and moved around a lot as a child. Her and her family spent 6 years in the Francisco Bay Area and the rest in Fayette County, in Western Pennsylvania.
It was her Dad who started her off writing, when she was in the sixth grade. By the time she was in seventh grade, her parents had divorced and she was hooked on writing. As well as her own fiction, Tamora also wrote poetry, plays and comedies. As she grew older she put her writing aside and filled the gap by writing articles for the school paper.
When she left school she studied psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and working part time and in the summer, usually in jobs that would help a career in social work.
Then in the summer before her junior year she wrote her first short story, since tenth grade. A year later, she had sold her first short story. As a result of this in her senior year, Tamora took up a writing course. Her writing teacher, David Bradley, suggested she tackled a novel. Whilst looking for a subject, she remembered the ideas which has resulted in stories when she was younger - teenage heroines. And so, she began her first sword and sorcery novel.
Instead of finishing her psychology degree, Tamora drifted through rent paying jobs, until her Father and Stepmother invited her to go and live with them in Idaho. There she worked as a housemother in a group home for teenaged girls. At this time she was sending out a 732 page novel called 'Song of the Lioness'. But the director of the home thought parts of it were inappropriate so she edited it and told Alanna's story to her girls.
Later on, Tamora moved to Manhattan, to get a publishing career started. Her agent suggested she turned the novel into four books for children. When Jean Karl, at Atheneum books saw the manuscript she agreed to take her on.
Whilst Tamora was rewriting Alanna's story, she worked as a secretary and helped to start a radio comedy and production company. She wrote, directed and acted there and also met an actor/video maker called Tim Liebe. He asked her to marry him in front of the audience and she said "yes". Soon after, he started his own writing career and now is a regular contributor to paper and online magazines.
She lives with her husband, her three cats (Scrap, Vinnie, Ferret), two budgies (Zorak and the Junior Birdman) plus any other animals rescued from the park.
Tamora says in her Biography she leads a hectic life but writing has it's rewards: books, traveling to new places and getting letters from people which tell her now her books make a difference for someone.

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