Security e-Books

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Security e-Books

The Tao of Network Security Monitoring : Beyond Intrusion Detection.
Welcome to The Tao of Network Security Monitoring: Beyond Intrusion Detection . The goal of this book is to help you better prepare your enterprise for the intrusions it will suffer. Notice the term will. Once you accept that your organization will be compromised, you begin to look at your situation differently. If you've actually worked through an intrusion-;a real compromise, not a simple Web page defacement-;you'll realize the security principles and systems outlined here are both necessary and relevant. This book is about preparation for compromise, but it's not a book about preventing compromise.

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Software Security : Building Security In.
Beginning where the best-selling book Building Secure Software left off, Software Security teaches you how to put software security into practice.The software security best practices, or touchpoints, described in this book have their basis in good software engineering and involve explicitly pondering security throughout the software development lifecycle. This means knowing and understanding common risks (including implementation bugsand architectural flaws), designing for security, and subjecting all software artifacts to thorough, objective risk analyses and testing.

Software Security is about putting the touchpoints to work for you. Because you can apply these touchpoints to the software artifacts you already produce as you develop software, you can adopt this book's methods without radically changing the way you work.

In addition to the touchpoints, Software Security covers knowledge management, training and awareness, and enterprise-level software security programs.

Now that the world agrees that software security is central to computer security, it is time to put philosophy into practice. Create your own secure development lifecycle by enhancing your existing software development lifecycle with the touchpoints described in this book. Let this expert author show you how to build more secure software by building security in.

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