Trading By The Book : Joe Ross

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Trading By The Book : Joe Ross

# Publisher: Ross Trading; 5th revision edition (February 13, 1994)
# Language: English
# ISBN: 976810824X
# Scanned DJVU format
# Size : 4.8 MB

Book Description
Trading by the Book contains 376 pages of explicit information on futures trading. Included are discussions of how and when to really use Fibonacci techniques, how to recognize congestion, how to set and trail stops, how to get in step with a market, how to select trades, and how to conduct your trading on a businesslike basis. Trading by the Book is loaded with charts. In it you will see an entire year's trading of a protfolio of seven commodities. Illustrations and examples of every single concept are shown, in an easy to read, easy to understand format.

About the Author
Joe Ross, trader, author, and educator, has been an active trader since 1957, when he began his trading career in the commodity futures market. In 1982, when it became possible to daytrade the S&P 500 stock index futures via live data feed, he successfully made the transition from full-time position trader to full-time daytrader. Since 1988, Joe has written seven major texts on futures trading. All have become classics.

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