25 Telecommunication Books

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First group of telco books

World Bank - A Model for Calculating Interconnection Costs in Telecommunications

Wiley & Sons - Wireless Foresight Scenarios of the Mobile World in 2015

Artech House - Understanding Digital PCS - The TDMA Standard

Artech House - Advances in Mobile Radio Access Networks

Cambridge University Press - The Economics of Mobile Telecommunications

Wiley & Sons - Pricing Communication Networks. Economics, Technology and Modelling

Wiley & Sons - GSM and UMTS - The Creation of Global Mobile Communication

Wiley & Sons - Wireless and Mobile Data Networks

Artech House - Mobile IP Technology for M-Business

Artech House - Spectrum Wars

Artech House - Technology Trends in Wireless Communications

Artech House - Understanding Cellular Radio

Artech House - Voice Over 802.11

IEE Publishing - Telecommunications Regulation

McGraw Hill - Voice Over MPLS Planning and Design Networks

McGraw Hill - VoIP Service Quality Measuring And Evaluating Packet-Switched Voice

McGraw Hill - Wireless A To Z

Wiley & Sons - QoS Measurement and Evaluation of Telecommunicatins

Wiley & Sons - Telecosmos - The Next Great Telecom Revolution

Wiley & Sons - Mobile Satellite Communication Networks

McGraw Hill - W-CDMA and cdma2000 for 3G Mobile Networks

O'Reilly - Switching to VoIP

O'Reilly - Talk Is Cheap

McGraw Hill - Digital Switching Systems

200+ more could be available upon interest
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