Terrence McKenna - Angels, Aliens and Archetypes

Posted By: blueearth
Terrence McKenna - Angels, Aliens and Archetypes

Terrence McKenna - English Spoken Word - Angels, Aliens and Archetypes

MP3, 52kbps, about 20 mins, 7.7MB
Genre: Spoken Word - The Psychedelic Experience

Being a Talk at a UFO Conference

The late, great Terrence McKenna, once described as "The Real Tim Leary" by Timothy Leary was/is a revolutionary explorer of the psychedelic experience, and brought back many valuable gems from the psychedelic realm, which he shared in his lectures. This is a short talk he gave at UFO Conference, gently proffering the voice of reason and reminding folk of the primacy of felt-experience.

Note the low bitrate MP3 as it's a spoken word piece, though it's recorded through the PA system so is of good/reasonable quality - definately don't be put off by the bitrate.

Terrence's Lectures and tapes are only intermittantly hosted on web sites, so I hope these will be a welcome addition to the AvaxHome community.

Perhaps there are others interested in the Psychedelic Experience and the frontier of the Mind; if so, I have many more of Terrence McKenna's talks and some from related psychonaughts - Tim Leary, Joseph Campbell. I can post more if there is interest.

Peace - BlueEarth

PS: My First Post! A great admirer of AvaxHome - this is what the Internet is meant to be - a community of truly eclectic individuals sharing human Knowledge and Art, where you never know what might be of interest! Thank you to All. My only problem has been locating something from my digital world worthy of sharing with yours…