Testing Embedded Software

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Testing Embedded Software
Testing Embedded Software

Addison Wesley | ISBN 0321159861 | 2002 Year | PDF | 1.93 MB | 320 Pages
‘This book will be a particularly useful addition to the library of those involved in the testing of embedded software. The authors have correctly identified a gap in the market and provide an eminently practical introduction to the area.’
Stuart Reid, Cranfield University

‘This is a long awaited book. It brings the discipline of IT systems to the embedded development environment and complements it with many testing techniques, specifically needed for this environment.’
Otto Vinter, Independent software engineering mentor, Denmark

Embedded systems are everywhere. Modern appliances from TVs to mobile phones cannot function without them. Embedded software has become a vital part of a growing range of automotive, aerospace, biomedical and military systems. As many of these applications are potentially life-threatening, the need for rigorous software testing has never been more compelling. This book provides a comprehensive and practical overview of testing strategies for embedded software.

Highlights of the book include:
An in-depth treatment of test design techniques that can be directly applied in your projects
Detailed descriptions of roles, tasks and responsibilities with organisational structures to help you to establish a professional test organisation
Practical advice on testing that works even when time and resources are limited.

Testing Embedded Software is an invaluable guidebook for test engineers, programmers, project managers and team leaders in the embedded systems industry. It is the first book to provide a complete, in-depth overview of embedded systems testing.

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