Textbook Of Anaesthesia, 4 edition

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Textbook Of Anaesthesia, 4 edition

Textbook Of Anaesthesia, 4 edition | ISBN: 0443063818 | PDF | 844 pages

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"It is a real pleasure to see the most recent edition of what I regard as the essential textbook of anaesthesia for perioperative practitioners.
Trainee nurses and ODPs, as well as qualified staff refreshing and expanding their knowledge, will find this book a valuable asset and a worthy investment." Marilyn Williams, Chairman, NATN Editorial Board, British Journal of Perioperative Nursing, January 2004

Book Description
This is a New Edition of a very successful textbook aimed at trainee anaesthetists taking the Fellowship examination of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and similar exams. The examination has changed since the current edition was published moving from a three part exam to a two part one, with Part 1 now having a much greater basic science content. The New Edition should consolidate the book's position as the dominant teaxt for Part 1 of the FRCA. It is also highly suitable for exams such as the Diploma of Anaesthesiology of the European Academy of Aneaesthesiology. 81.1 MB 28.1 MB
pass: dedicated.2cerceria&

pass: dedicated.2cerceria&

I dedicate this book to my gurus: cerceria & rszyma. I am thankful for all their help.
They taught me the Art of Ripping Books and the Art of Making just Great looking Books.
I just wanted to say: Thank You Guys!!! .clap. .clap.

Special greetings to stegeo

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