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The Vue.js Bootcamp With Project (Vue.js 3.2,Vuex,Router)

Posted By: BlackDove
The Vue.js Bootcamp With Project (Vue.js 3.2,Vuex,Router)

The Vue.js Bootcamp With Project (Vue.js 3.2,Vuex,Router)
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Language: English | Size: 3.46 GB | Duration: 8h 28m

Learn everything about Vue.js 3.2 with real-time project implementation along with some interesting plugin integrations

What you'll learn
To Develop Single Page Application
Lifecycles in Vue
What is Components & Dynamic Components in Vue ?
Routers in Vue
State Management pattern Library (VUEX)
Rendering Methods
Watchers & Slots
Useful plugins integration in Vue like Datatable,Charts etc.
Much More….

Vue.js is getting more popular day by day among the JavaScript frontend frameworks which are present in the market. Vue.js more flexible in terms of learning and merging, it can be easily merged with any other big project without any issues. Also, its very much easy to learn as compare to other frontend frameworks that’s one of the reasons why vue.js is getting popular among the developers. Choosing vue.js as the frontend development skill can be best decision because vue.js is widely growing framework.

This course is designed for all type of developers means anyone can take this course though learner is new to frontend frameworks or learner already knows other frameworks and willing to learn vue.js.

Only thing you needed to take this course is the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. There is no need that you should have knowledge about backend development.

What we will learn in this course?

In this course we will be covering almost all topics related to the Vue.js & they are as Follows:

Virtual DOM

Data Binding


Event Handling


Computed Properties








Dynamic Components

Dynamic Routing

Cross Component Communication

How to work with APIs in Vue.js

Along with the concepts of vue.js we will also learn following concepts into our course:

How to Integrate datatable in vue.js?

How to Integrate chart.js in vue.js?

How to Integrate Admin LTE 3 in vue.js?

How to use Json Server for dummy APIs?

How to use Faker.js for dummy Database?

Enjoy the Course!

Thank You!

Who this course is for:
Web Application Developers
Frontend Framework Learners