The Age Of the Galley - Mediterranean Oared Vessels since pre-classical Times

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Подробное издание по истории Средиземноморского мореплавания со времен Античности по Средние века. Сканы предоставлены камрадом vitowt.

The Age Of the Galley - Mediterranean Oared Vessels since pre-classical Times
Conway Maritime Press / Chartwell books | ISBN 0785812687 | Year 2000 | JPG | 150 Mb | 256 Pages

Book Description
The Age of the Galley charts the development from the earliest paleolithic craft to the classical tireme and its Roman and Byzantine successors. As a warship, the galley survived the coming of the three masted sailing ship, and later chapters are devoted to its mediaeval and Renaissance successors.

An unprecedented line-up of over one hundred leading maritime historians and specialists from around the world has been assembled to ensure that the work is informative, authoritative and fully international in it outlook. Essays are also included on related but more general aspects and themes of the period under review such as material resources, battle tactics, shipbuilding, gunnery, exploration or technology

About the Author
Professor John Morrison, a distinguished classical scholar and past President of Wolfson College, Cambridge, is probably the world’s leading authority on ancient oared craft. He was a leading light in the Olympias trireme project, for which he provided the academic research, and is the co-author (with R T Williams) of Greek Oared Ships, and (with John Coates) of The Athenian Trireme and Greek and Roman Oared Ships.

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