The Archaeology of Human Bones

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Simon Mays "The Archaeology of Human Bones"
Routledge | ISBN 0415174074 | 1998 Year | PDF | ~110 Mb | 260 Pages

There is no greater direct evidence regarding earlier human populations than their physical remains. This volume provides a pragmatic and up-to-date account of forensic analysis of human skeletal remains, and its application in tackling major historical and archaeological issues. The Archaeology of Human Bones starts with an introduction to the anatomy, structure and development of bones and teeth. It analyzes the biasing effects of decay and incomplete recovery on burial data from archaeological sites, and discusses what we may learn about ancient burial rituals from human remains. Subsequent chapters focus on the demographic analysis of bone, the study of ancient DNA, and the study of cremated remains. Examples are brought from archaeological studies around the world. The Archaeology of Human Bones is a well-illustrated textbook for students of archaeology, explaining current scientific methods - technical jargon kept to a minimum - alongside critical discussion of their strengths and weaknesses.