The Art Of Female Ejaculation

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The Art Of Female Ejaculation

Lisa S. Longhofer, R.M., C.E.O., «The Art Of Female Ejaculation»
HolisticWisdom | ISBN N/A | Edition - 2003 | PDF | 186 Pages | 2,70 Mb

Female ejaculation is not only real, but any woman is capable. It is natural, normal, and simply awe-inspiring to do it!
As a psychotherapist, you may wonder why I would choose to write this book, and the answer is simple. I wish to provide sexually empowering information to all women and their partners. Our society is filled with messages that keep us from truly embracing beauty of our sexuality. There are so many challenges that we have in our lives that we often forget to focus our energy into bringing out the pleasure of our own sensuality and sexuality. This book is just one-way that women and their partners can begin to experience sexual ecstasy and pleasure more often and more powerfully in their lives.

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