The Biology Of Death

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The Biology Of Death

Raymond Pearl, «The Biology Of Death»
J.B. Lippincott Co. | ISBN N/A | 1922 | PDF | 275 Pages | 5,20 Mb

30 references to biology of death by Raymond Pearl in this book:
Why do we die? Do all living creatures share this fate? Is the body’s slow degradation with the passage of time unavoidable, or can the secrets of longevity be unlocked?
Author's Prefeace:
What I tried to do in these lectures was to bring together under a unified viewpoint some of the more important contributions which have been made to our knowledge of natural death, from three widely scattered sources: namely general biology, experimental biology, and statistical and actuarial science. It will be obvious to anyone who knows the literature from these fields regarding natural death and the duration of life that in such an amount of space as is here used, no one could hope to cover a field so wide with anything proaching completeness.

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