The Book of Overclocking

Posted By: runje

The Book of Overclocking: Tweak Your PC to Unleash Its Power|by Scott Wainner and Robert Richmond|Publisher: No Starch Press; 1 edition (January, 2003) |Ebook|CHM|251 pages|

"The definitive guide to the art of running a PC’s processor faster than the manufacturer ever intended."

Collaboratively written by PC hardware enthusiasts and experts Scott Wainner and Robert Richmond, The Book of Overclocking: Tweak Your PC To Unleash Its Power is a vital and enthusiastically recommended guide to tweaking the processor of a personal desktop computer to run faster than originally intended by the manufacturer. Showing how to overclock and improve the speed and performance of a personal computer, as well as keeping older hardware viable and competitive for longer, The Book Of Overclocking also includes an overview of why the computer industry tries to discourage overclocking, how to overclock, keeping one's PC cool, overclocking specific to the hardware of Intel, AMD, or VIA/Cyrix, troubleshooting, benchmark testing, and more. The Book Of Overclocking is a unique and "must-have" do-it-yourself guidebook that should be careful read before opening up a personal computer and seeing what can be done to make it faster and better.