The Complete Guide to Handling Women - by Wayne Ross

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"The Complete Guide to Handling Women" - by Wayne Ross

You Will Learn:
* How to avoid the tragic mistake nearly all men make when they first meet a woman.
* All about the "D" technique...One of the most valuable methods on winning single women to come along in decades...I once used this on ten girls I dated and all ten fell madly in love with me. They would not leave me alone. If you use this technique, do it with caution because good girls may be breaking down your door for love, sex, and romance.
* How to get any single woman you want.
* How to have dozens of girls crazy about you.
* How to win a woman you want from any man she's presently interested in or dating, even if she's madly in love with him.
* Why most men lose a woman after the first date.
* The most important thing a guy can give a girl...give her this and you will have her loyalty and love forever.
* The first 60 seconds you meet a woman will decide whether or not she will be interested in you. A little known technique on how to win over a beautiful woman in the first sixty seconds.
* Using psychology on good-looking single women to have them going wild over you.
* The technique of talking to women and holding their interest.
* Why it's easier to meet and date a good-looking woman rather than a homely woman.
* And, Much, Much More!.