The Ecumenism in a Graphic

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The Ecumenism in a Graphic

The Ecumenism in a Graph (Ecumenismul intr-o diagrama)

The Father’s Son descended to the man’s state 2,000 years ago to help him to follow the true path to the salvation. As He didn’t came at us again and He didn’t gave us a new message, all what He teached us remains fully truth.
Some people changed His teachings, as they introduced „Sola fide” that state that the faith is enough to gain the redemption, even the Lord emphasizes how important is to make good deeds.
Jesus Christ teached us that the salvation path is narrow and He also teached us which it is.
To change the Saviour teachngs means to forsake the true path and to loose the redemption. The change cann’t lead to a better solution because only God knows what He likes. Whoever can presuppose anything, but the only thing that is significant is to follow His will.
Now, there are men that claim to unify the Church’s body in a „democratic” manner: the Non-Orthodoxes will accept some Orthodox opinions and the Orthodoxes will accept some Non-Orthodox things. Then, the Chorch will follow an average direction between the confessions and – they think - all will be good….
But in this case, when – as the Saviour states – the way is narrow and the Orthodoxes are following it (because they didn’t changed the Lord’s teachings), for the Orthodoxes is a wrong choice to modify their route because they could leave the right way. In the same time, a „mean” direction will approach the Non-Orthodoxes the good way, but if the change is not enough strong they will remain off.
There is a single solution: the Non-Orthodoxes must return to the unmodified Lord’s teachings, the true way that lead to the salvation.
A little article – that includes a little drawing – proves that this is the unique answer.

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