The Giants of Philosophy - Plato and Aristotle

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The Giants of Philosophy - Plato and Aristotle, by Knowledge Products
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The Giants of Philosophy audiotapes explain the views of the most influential philosophers in history. Assuming no prior knowledge of the listener, each pair of tapes presents the concerns, questions, interests, and overall world view of a great philosopher. Receive an education in philosophy -- the easy way -- on the following philsophers: Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Spinoza, Hume, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Dewey, and Sartre. Special emphasis is placed on making each idea both clear and relevant to modern listeners, providing new insights to help us live better lives.

Note: Whole set is available, yet I am not sure of demand for it. Maybe we just have enough philosophy here:)