The Way Things Work

Posted By: biory

The Way Things Work

The Way Things Workis the multimedia version of the book of the same name. The program is built around an A-Z guide which covers recognizable machines ranging from Airliner Wings to Zippers. Each machine is illustrated with stills and cutaways as well as animation, and some have audio captioning.

A glossary providing definitions of terminology used in each machine's description is accessed with a mouse click. The user can also click on “Principles” for an explanation of the scientific principles behind each machine, “History” for an overview of the machine's invention including a technology time-line illustrating its place in history, and “Inventors” to learn more about the advent of the machine and its inventor.

The contents of the disc include Warehouse, Machines, Principles, History, Inventors,, and Storeroom. With clickable buttons for back, index, options, help, and clickable pictures throughout, navigation was incredibly simple.