The Gallery

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The Gallery

«Sandman Gallery» ISBN 1-61941-2035-6 | 1994 Year | CBR | 16.3 Mb | 36 Pages
«Death Gallery» ISBN 1-61941-2015-3 | 1994 Year | CBR | 17.6 Mb | 35 Pages
«The Endless Gallery» ISBN 1-61941-2044-6 | 1995 Year | CBR | 15.9 Mb | 35 Pages

The Gallery series is not a collection of existing artwork from the series. Its's a smorgasbord of famous artists take on Morpheus and his brethen , the Endless. Since the Endless - Dream, Desire, Despair, Delirium, Destruction, Destiny and Death - are essentially metaphors of life, the representations here include variety in medium and personal takes on the character's and feel involved. A bonus for fans is Neil Gaiman's comments and first time released concept artwork for the Endless.

Hardly a book and more a meditative muse through a gallery, the Gallery series views the Endless in new colors and offers thoughts on their relevance in daily life.


The Gallery

The above's by celebrated author/director Clive Barker

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