Tony Alessandra - How to Gain Power and Influence with People

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Tony Alessandra - How to Gain Power and Influence with People

Tony Alessandra - How to Gain Power and Influence with People
Audio Program | English |128 kbps
5 ½ Hours | 286 MB RAR

I am predominantly interested with NLP from TAD JAMES and KEVIN HOGAN

When You Have This, You Never Have to Ask Twice!

Ever meet someone who made you feel small in his or her presence? Like they could see right through you, size you up, and get you to do pretty much anything they wanted?
It's a very strange feeling, believe me. You feel like you're being pulled in by a tractor beam. You desperately want to resist and despise this person. It could be a salesperson, your boss, even a relative. But you can't because they are just so darn charming and persuasive.

What's the big secret?

Well, as an applied behavioral scientist and human relationships expert, I have spent my entire career studying this mysterious effect and what I learned really surprised me…
There's no secret! What we commonly think of as the mystical, magical power of persuasion and influence is really just a set of practiced techniques any eleven-year old could follow.
In fact, if you had an hour today you could learn these cut and dry techniques for yourself and use them immediately on the people in your life to get them following immediately in line with your agenda!

Here's how to do that:

My research revealed some specific qualities that all powerful and influential people demonstrate. I used this research to create a system to help you and people like you strengthen their Power and Influence muscles. The system is called How to Gain Power and Influence WITH People MP3 audio album.

And you can download it instantly!

This is 5 1/2 hours of pure fascination. Listen to it for just an hour and you will gain Power and Influence that will help you:

• Get far more respect than the average person does
• Be admired and adored, seemingly without effort
• Exude huge amounts of self-confidence and self-esteem
• Appear extremely powerful without being intimidating
• Easily get what you want, because people instinctively want to help you

With this system you get 12 Power and Influence-building sessions, covering:

Session 1-The Power of Charisma
Session 2-Maximizing Your Personal Power
Session 3-Making a Powerful First Impression
Session 4-Power Energy and the Aura of Success
Session 5-The Power of Because
Session 6-The Power of Space and Time
Session 7-Power Speaking
Session 8-Power Listening
Session 9-The Power of Personality
Session 10-Power Rapport
Session 11-Power Adaptability
Session 12-Testing Your Power and Influence




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