Toyota Corolla 2004 Repair Manual

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Toyta Corp. | "Toyota Corolla 2004 Repair Manual" | 2003 | PDF | 39 Mb

Quote from "Introduction"

Generally, repair operations can be separated in the following 3 main processes:

1. Diagnosis
2. Removing/Installing, Replacing, Disassembling/Reassembling, Checking and Adjusting
3. Final Inspection

This manual explains the 1st process of ”Diagnosis” (found in the ”Diagnostics” section), the 2nd pro-
cess of ”Removing and Installing, Replacing, Disassembling, Installing and Checking, and Adjusting”,
but the 3rd process of ”Final Inspection” is omitted.

This release also includes "2004 COROLLA ELECTRICAL WIRING DIAGRAM"

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