Trading As A Business

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Trading As A Business | PDF | 182 Pages | 1998

Quite tough to find a description,better you read it though

Greetings uploaders, you've been doing fine lately,if you care about my blabbing then keep reading: passwording archives is lame no matter what the reason is.Knowledge should be free.(Let Avax password his own if he wants, as he's doing that for reasons I don't approve)
If you want to credit avaxhome then just add a comment to the archive then lock it,as simple as that. : )
BTW just to let you guys know, I'm leaving this place in about 2 weeks, I've got some crucial deadlines ahead from now on, I've got no choice but to retire. I'm leaving on September 12 th,2005. May you understand my reasons (or not it doesn't matter as I've got no choice)
I fear these might be my last publications aswell as I'll be very busy this weekend for sure.