2 Card Tricks Ebook from Trickshop

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2 Card Tricks Ebook from Trickshop

Trickshop,Two-Way Bicycle Card System
Trickshop | 2002 Year | PDF | 16 Pages

Mark your own decks like a pro..
Learn how to mark your own Bicycle deck using the same professional system used by magic shops. No messy inks or colors to match. A simple, inexpensive tool available at any office supply or art or craft store is all you need. Our illustrated instructions show you step-by-step how to mark all suits and values. Two-way system works with both red and blue backed decks, and enables cards to be read from the top or bottom. Instructions sold for entertainment purposes only. Decks marked using this method currently sell for up to $24 or more each! Use your own Bicycle deck!

2 Card Tricks Ebook from Trickshop

Trickshop,Zenner Effect
Trickshop | 2005 Year | PDF | 20 Pages

Incredible mentalism made easy…
The Zenner Effect with Zennerism
Based upon David Britland's "Zennerism," THE ZENNER EFFECT offers you the cleanest and easiest to perform handling for this devastating mentalism effect to date. You and a spectator each begin with a standard set of five different ESP symbol cards - Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square and Star. The spectator pockets one of her cards and then, one by one, attempts to match each card you lay face down on the table by placing one of her own symbol cards face up on top of it. When the cards are finally flipped over - the symbols of every pair match exactly, including your last card and the spectator's pocketed card. The odds against such an outcome? 120 to one! Even so, THE ZENNER EFFECT works perfectly every time.

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