MS Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services (books)

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MS Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services (books)

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services
Bernhard Tritsch
ISBN: 0-7356-1904-2, 608 Pages, November 2003

Get the definitive technical guidance you need to use Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services to deliver Microsoft Windows – based applications, or the Windows desktop itself, to virtually any computing device — and maximize the efficiency of your server system. Delve into the fundamentals — system architecture, hardware and network requirements, system installation, and user and group management — and move up to advanced system administration topics, including optimizing applications, modifying the registry, security options, scripting, Terminal Server analysis tools, stability, and scalability. Learn how to extend your system using Citrix MetaFrame and server farms.
Discover how to set up Web-based application access portals, including integration with the Microsoft .NET Framework, and review real-world practices for implementing Terminal Services in production environments. In-depth, focused, and hands-on, this book provides everything IT professionals need to help maximize the productivity of their enterprise server systems and reduce ownership and support costs.

MS Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services (books)

Terminal Services for Microsoft Windows Server 2003: Advanced Technical Design Guide
Brian S. Madden, Ron Oglesby
ISBN: 0-971-15104-0, 496 Pages, January 2004

This book is not authorized or approved by Microsoft, Citrix, or anyone else! Instead of vendor marketing speak, this book tells you how Terminal Server actually works.
This book is not an administrator’s guide. Rather, it’s written for IT consultants, system engineers, and architects who must plan, design, implement, and optimize Windows Server 2003 - based Terminal Server systems. It's filled with real-world, proven strategies created specifically for Windows Server 2003. See how some of the world's largest companies are using pure Terminal Server 2003 environments.
- Are you thinking about using Windows Server 2003's Terminal Services capabilities? - Do you want to use it for a few users, or do you want to use it on a larger scale? - Are you wondering whether you need to use Citrix MetaFrame or Tarantella New Moon, or if you can use Terminal Server by itself? - If you’re wondering whether Terminal Services will work for you, spend 50 bucks on this book before spending thousands of dollars on licenses.
Why only 500 pages? It’s amazing what you can fit into a small space by taking out pointless screenshots and unrelated filler material.
What’s Covered in This Book…
- Server and network design. - Application strategies and installation. - Licensing server design and deployment. - User profiles, policies, home folders, and logon scripts. - Client device strategies and management. - Accessing native Terminal Servers from non-Microsoft platforms. - Real-world printing strategies and techniques. - Accessing Terminal Servers via web portals. - Ensuring end-to-end security. - High availability and load-balancing solutions. - Server sizing. - Performance optimization and tuning. - Enterprise deployment options.

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