Ultimate Selling Power

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Ultimate Selling Power: How to Create and Enjoy a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Career | Ebook | PDF | 286 Pages | 1,2 Mb

# Paperback: 288 pages
# Publisher: Career Press (October 1, 2002)
# Language: English
# ISBN: 1564146413
# Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.0 x 0.6 inches
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Book Description:

If you want to dramatically increase your sales performance (and your income) in today's complicated business environment…this is the book you have been waiting for!

A great deal has changed since Dr. Donald Moine and Dr. Ken Lloyd wrote their best-selling book, Unlimited Selling Power, a dozen years ago. Ultimate Selling Power is the book that America's 18 million full-time salespeople have been asking for ever since -- it contains more than a decade's worth of the best strategies the authors have collected from the most powerful sales professionals in the world.

Ultimate Selling Power reveals how average salespeople in a variety of industries have created multimillion dollar careers using many powerful newly-developed sales and marketing techniques. It is a practical, step-by-step guide showing what the best, most successful salespeople in the world are doing to attract an almost unlimited number of customers and clients and to close a record-breaking number of sales.

In this unique new book, you will learn how to use the most powerful words in existence to create compelling sales and marketing presentations, how to get the media to sell for you, how to sell to dozens or even hundreds of people at one time by using sales seminars, how to harness the incredible power of CRM (customer relationship management), how to find a sales coach who can help you double or triple your income, and dozens of other million dollar sales and marketing strategies.

Dr. Donald Moine is considered one of the founders and pioneers in the new field of Sales Psychology. A frequent convention speaker for Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Moine has delivered sales training seminars across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and the Far East. Dr. Moine is president of the Association for Human Achievement based in Rolling Hills Estates, California. He has appeared on more than 100 major talk-radio and television shows.

Dr. Ken Lloyd is the author of Jerks at Work (Career Press) and Be the Boss Your Employees Deserve (Career Press ). He is a nationally syndicated workplace advice columnist (New York Times Syndicate), author, and consultant. With specialties in communication, motivation, marketing, and organizational behavior, he has consulted and led seminars for numerous companies in e-commerce, healthcare, apparel, automotive, financial services, and entertainment. He is a frequent television and talk-radio guest and has appeared on Good Morning America and CNN."