Understanding Explosions - D. Crowl - 2003 - 214 pages

Posted By: RuslanXadaenev

Understanding Explosions - D. Crowl - 2003 - 214 pages

What the publisher says:
"Understanding Explosions provides valuable information on explosions for everyone involved in the operation, design, maintenance, and management of chemical processes, helping enhance understanding of the nature of explosions and the practical methods required to prevent them from occurring."

What I say: Good book on the theoretical approach and ways to avoid having explosions in your plant. Not really new material therein but a thorough synthesis of what you should know if you handle flammable chemicals, powders and the like. I also liked the appendices for the values and data presented. This is really the best part of the book !

This is especially for Enviromind who requested this kind of stuff. More books will be uploaded in the coming days. Unfortunately, I don't have software for risk assesment (at least, not yet).