The U.S. Legal System (Magill's Choice, 2 Volume Set) (repost)

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The U.S. Legal System (Magill's Choice, 2 Volume Set) (repost)

"The U.S. Legal System" (Magill's Choice, 2 Volume Set) by Timothy L. Hall
English | Salem Press | ISBN: 1587651890 | 2004 | PDF | 832 pages | 6,73 MB

The U.S. Legal System surveys legal terminology, procedures, and structures of the United States in articles that emphasize basic legal concepts and offer practical guidance to how the federal and state legal systems work.

Within these volumes, readers will find answers to questions such as these:
• Through what procedures do arrested persons go?
• What are the ethical responsibilities of attorneys?
• How are the federal and state judicial systems connected?
• How are judges selected?
• What do “Miranda rights” mean to an arrested person?
• What is meant by habeas corpus?
• How are plea bargains arranged?
• How does the adversary system affect the way court cases are tried?
• How does the juvenile justice system differ from the adult criminal justice system?
• What procedures are involved in appealing court verdicts?
• What does “precedent” have to do with case law?
• What is the difference between hearsay and nonhearsay evidence?
• What makes Louisiana’s legal system unique among the fifty states?
• What is meant by “jury nullification”?