US Navy electronics technician courses 1-8

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US Navy electronics technician courses 1-8

US Navy electronics technician courses 1-8| PDF

After completing this course, you should be able to: recall the basic principle and the basic equipment used for rf communications; recognize frequency bands assigned to the Navy microwave communications, the single audio system (SAS), and the basics of the Navy tactical data system.
Analyze the operation of the Navy’s teletypewriter and facsimile system, the basics of the TEMPEST program, and the basic portable and pack radio equipment used by the Navy. Identify basic satellite communications fundamentals, fleet SATCOM subsystem, shore terminals, and basic SATCOM equipment and racks. Identify the composition of the Link-11 system, and problems in Link-11 communications.
Recognize the functions of the Link 4-A systems, new technology in data communications, and local-area

Communication Systems-7.4Mb
Radar Systems-1Mb
Navigation Systems-1Mb
Digital Data Systems-12.5Mb
Antennas and Wave Propagation-2.5Mb
Support Systems-8Mb