USB-Complete "Universal Serial Bus Design & Interfacing"- Second Edition

Posted By: MAZ

USB-Complete. Universal Serial Bus Design & Interfacing

Publisher: Lakeview Research
Language: English
ISBN: 0965081931

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About the book :

I purchased this book with the intention of learning how to communicate with USB peripherals from the PC perspective. What I later found after reading this book is that the author is heavily reliant upon 3rd party products to do the work, which simply means you'll need to pay more money for evaluation modules, and more software rather than being able to make the end product yourself. For someone who is at the hobbiest level, this book would be great perhapse, but the ultimate problem is it lets others do the work which IMO defeats the purpose of a book. If I am going to use 3rd party tools, I'll read their documentation-- not pay for a book to tell me what else I need to use.
On another note, this book is an EXCELLENT reference book when you need a little refresher about other things, but you can also find this info online