USB 2.0 & PCI Express " Architecture , 2 Books

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USB 2.0 & PCI Express Architecture, 2 Books

Universal Serial Bus System Architecture (2nd Edition)
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Language: English
ISBN: 0201309750

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About the book :

Universal Serial Bus System Architecture provides an in-depth discussion of USB and is based on the 1.0 version of the Universal Serial Bus specification. It focuses on the USB protocol, signaling environment, and electrical specifications, along with the hardware/software interaction required to configure and access USB devices. Although this book does not focus on writing USB device drivers, it does contain useful background information that aids in understanding the USB software environment. Key topics include: differential signaling environment, device configuration, suspend/resume operations device descriptors, device requests (commands), transfer mechanisms USB transaction protocols, bus-powered devices, self-powered devices host controller designs (UHC and OHC), error detection and handling device class definitions.


PCI Express System Architecture (1st Edition)

Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company
Language: English
ISBN: 0321156307

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About the book :

PCI Express System Architecture provides an in-depth description and comprehensive reference to the PCI Express standard. The book contains information needed for design, verification, and test, as well as background information essential for writing low-level BIOS and device drivers. In addition, it offers valuable insight into the technology's evolution and cutting-edge features.

Following an overview of the PCI Express architecture, the book moves on to cover transaction protocols, the physical/electrical layer, power management, configuration, and more. Specific topics covered include:

Split transaction protocol
Packet format and definition, including use of each field
ACK/NAK protocol
Traffic Class and Virtual Channel applications and use
Flow control initialization and operation
Error checking mechanisms and reporting options
Switch design issues
Advanced Power Management mechanisms and use
Active State Link power management
Hot Plug design and operation
Message transactions
Physical layer functions
Electrical signaling characteristics and issues
PCI Express enumeration procedures
Configuration register definitions
Thoughtfully organized, featuring a plethora of illustrations, and comprehensive in scope, PCI Express System Architecture is an essential resource for anyone working with this important technology.