Use the Structure of Female Emotion to Arouse a Woman in Minutes

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Use the Structure of Female Emotion to Arouse a Woman in Minutes

What is this book about?
This book is about how to get a woman aroused and attracted to
you very quickly—within the space of minutes.
This book is not about dating. This book is not about becoming a
nicer, more caring, more sensitive guy. This book is not about specifying
exactly how many days you should wait before calling her, or what kind of
cologne to wear. If you’re the kind of person that wants that kind of book,
be my guest—there are plenty out there. This book is not meant for that
kind of person.
On the other hand, if you’re the kind of man that wants to learn fast,
efficient, direct, reliable real-world techniques for getting women physically
and emotionally aroused, this book is meant for you.
To use what this book will teach you, you don’t need looks, money,
or youth. You don’t need a limo, a Lear jet, a swimmer’s body, or a moviestar’s
All you need is the ability to say words out loud.
From this book, you will learn the following:
· How to seize a woman’s attention
· How to engage and stimulate her emotions
· How to rapidly arouse her body without even touching her
· How to make her feel things she reads about in romance novels
· How to speak in ways that unleash her emotional needs
How can one little book teach you all this, in ways that are easy to
learn and use? By isolating crucial principles, like these:
· The structure of female emotional experience
· The structure of female language
· The connection between female language and emotion
This book is about how female sexual arousal works, and how you
can use women’s built-in sexual systems to give you pleasure.

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