Ebook: Battlefields of Europe, part 2

Posted By: Vah Vus
Ebook: Battlefields of Europe, part 2

From the Siege of Troy to the Second World War
Edited by David Chandler

Wordsworth Editions, 1998

Part 02 (pp.038-070): Battlefields of Austria (part 2), Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus

Format: PDF Size: 1.8 Megabytes
Password: voyakizabiyaki02

I apologize for uploading relatively small parts but I scan and proofread every page and the book is in a poor comdition, therefore it takes a lot of time to bring to you each part.

I plan to continue scanning, OCRing, proofreading and uploading further pieces of the book each weekend, approximately 40-60 pages per slice. Hope I will not be forced to stop the project in the middle - but it will happen if I'll see that the number of downloads will drop (because someone has reuploaded the file, that might be the only reason).