Ebook: R.Goldstein, INCOMPLETENESS

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Ebook: R.Goldstein, INCOMPLETENESS

INCOMPLETENESS: The Proof and Paradox of Kurt Goedel (Great Discoveries series)
PDF | 1.1 Megabyte | 294 pages | photos | Atlas Books, 2005

“Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, which proved that no formal mathematical system can demonstrate every mathematical truth, is a landmark of modern thought. It's a simple but profound statement… MacArthur Fellow and Whiting–winning novelist and philosopher Goldstein … does a magnificent job of exploring its rich philosophical implications. Gödel insisted that the theorem buttresses a Platonist conception of a transcendent mathematical reality that exists independent of human logic. Goldstein is an excellent choice for this installment of Norton's Great Discoveries series, which seeks to explain the ways of science to humanists. Her philosophical background makes her a sure guide to the underlying ideas, and she brings a novelistic depth of character and atmosphere (including a caustic portrait of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein) and to her sympathetic depiction of the logician's tortured psyche… The result is a stimulating exploration of both the power and the limitations of the human intellect. Photos”.

Книжка о Курте Гёделе, о прославившей его "теореме о неполноте", о математической философии и о философской математике.

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