Various Authors and Various Books Part 2

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Explanation: Karen Hawkins
Files included: Hawkins, Karen - The Only One For Me.doc
Hawkins, Karen - Two Hearts.doc
Hawkins, Karen - Talisman 01 - An Affair To Remember.html
Hawkins, Karen - Rogue 01 - The Abduction Of Julia.lit
Hawkins, Karen - Rogue 02 - A Belated Bride.lit
Hawkins, Karen - Rogue 03 - The Seduction Of Sara.lit
Hawkins, Karen - Talisman 02 - Confessions of a Scoundrel.lit
Hawkins, Karen - Talisman 03 - How To Treat A Lady.lit
Hawkins, Karen - Talisman 04 - And The Bride Wore Plaid.lit
Hawkins, Karen - Talisman 05 - Lady in Red.lit

Explanation: Iris Johansen
Size: 4.68 MB
Files included: Kay Hooper, Iris Johansen, Fayrene Preston - The Shamrock Trinity.html
Johansen, Iris - 17 Books.lit
(The Spellbinder, The Golden Barbarian, Beloved Scoundrel, Midnight Warriori, Wind Dancer, Reap the Wind, Final Target, Long After Midnight, And Then You Die, Eve Duncan 1 The Face of Deception, 2 The Killing Game, 3 The Search , 4 Body of Lies, 5 Blind Alley (09-2004), No One To Trust, Dead Aim, Fatal Tide, Firestorm (04-2004))
Johansen, Iris - (Shamrock 2) - York The Renegade.lit
Johansen, Iris - The Face of Deception.lit
Iris Johansen - The Ugly Duckling (html).rar
Johansen, Iris - (Wind Dancer 02) - Storm Winds (html, jpg).rar
Johansen, Iris - Countdown (html).rar

Explanation: Penny Jordan
Size: 1.48 MB
Files included: Harlequin - Penny Jordan - A time to dream.doc
Jordan, Penny - A reason for marriage.doc
Jordan, Penny - Man hater.doc
Jordan, Penny - Passionate relationships.doc
Jordan, Penny - Payment Due txt.rar
Jordan, Penny - Special Treatment.rar
Jordan, Penny - Mission make over.rtf
Harlequin - Jordan, Penny - You Owe Me.txt
Jordan, Penny - Desire For Revenge.txt
Jordan, Penny - LOVERS TOUCH.TXT
Jordan, Penny - Yesterdays Echoes.txt
Penny Jordan A Cure For Love.txt

Explanation: Ruth Langan
Size: 1.48 MB
Files included: Ruth Langan - Highland Heather lit,txt
Nora Roberts & Jill Gregory & Ruth Langan & Marianne Willman - Moon Shadows_v4.html
diamond ruth langan,.pdf
J. D. Robb & Mary Blayney & Ruth Ryan Langan & Mary Kay McComas - Bump in the Night (v1.0) (html).rar
Langan, Ruth - Colton's Bride (doc).rar
Harlequin - Ruth Langan - Texas Heart.txt
Harlequin - Ruth Langan - Texas Hero.txt

Explanation: Elaine Corvidae
Size: 1.03 MB
Files included: (New12-8) Elaine Corvidae - Heretic Sun (Html).rar
Corvidae, Elaine - (Lord of Wind and Fire Book 1) - Wolfkin (v1.0) (html).rar
Corvidae, Elaine - (Lord of Wind and Fire Book 2) - The Crow Queen (v1.0) (html).rar

Explanation: Robert Goddard
Size: 0.59 MB
Files included: Robert Goddard - Sight Unseen (V1.0 html).html
Robert Goddard - Never Go Back (V1.0 HTML).rar
Robert Goddard - Sea Change (V1.0 htm).rar

Explanation: Anne Stuart
Size: 0.44 MB
Files included: Anne Stuart - Cinderman (rtf).rar
Anne Stuart - Prince Of Swords (rtf).rar
Stuart, Anne - Catspaw II (doc).rar

Explanation: Naomi Novik
Size: 1.25 MB
Files included: Naomi Novik - (Temeraire 02) - Throne of Jade (html).rar
Naomi Novik - (Temeraire 3) - Black Powder War (html).rar
Novik, Naomi - (Temaire Book 1) - His Majesty's Dragon (v4.0) (html).rar

Explanation: Rebecca Hagan Lee
Size: 0.19 MB
Files included: (new1-27) Lee, Rebecca Hagan - Templeston 01 - Once A Mistress (V1.0) htm.rar

Explanation: Lisa Cach
Size: 1.98 MB
Language: english
Files included: Cach, Lisa - Dream Of Me.html
(new1-8) Lisa Cach - Mermaid of Penperro (v1.0) (html).rar
Cach, Lisa - Dating With Novocaine (v1.0) (html).rar
Cach, Lisa - George and Virgin (v11.0) (html).rar
Cach, Lisa - Have Glass Slippers, Will Travel (v1.0) (html).rar
Cach, Lisa - Puddings, pastries and thou(doc).rar
Cach, Lisa - Of Midnight Born (v1.0) (html).zip
Cach, Lisa - The Changeling Bride (v1.0) (html).zip

Explanation: Mary Balogh
Size: 2.03 MB
Files included: Balogh, Mary - Heartless.html
Balogh, Mary - No Man's Mistress.html
Balogh, Mary - Silent Melody (v1.0).html
harlequin - Balogh, Mary - Duty 02 - Lord Carew's Bride (v1.0).html
Balogh, Mary - Irresistable.lit
Balogh, Mary - Love 02 - A summer to remember.lit
(new5-30) Balogh, Mary - The Plumed Bonnet (v11.0)(html).rar
Balogh, Mary - An Unacceptable Offer (v1.0) (html,jpg).rar
Balogh, Mary - Tempting Harriet (v11.0) (html).rar
Balogh, Mary - Ungrateful Governess.rar

Explanation: Brian W Aldiss
Size: 5.07 MB
Files included: Aldiss, Brian W. - A Rude Awakening.lit
Aldiss, Brian W. - Danger, Religion!.lit
Aldiss, Brian W. - Equator & Segregation.lit
Brian Aldiss - A Rude Awakening.lit
Brian Aldiss - Danger, Religion!.lit
Brian Aldiss - Equator & Segregation.lit
Brian Aldiss - Helliconia 01 - Helliconia Spring.lit
Brian Aldiss - Helliconia 02 - Helliconia Summer.lit
Brian Aldiss - Helliconia 03 - Helliconia Winter.lit
Brian Aldiss - Intangibles, Inc.lit
Brian Aldiss - Neanderthal Planet.lit
Brian Aldiss - Swastika.lit
Brian Aldiss - White Mars.lit
Brian Aldiss - Yale 01 - The Circulation Of The Blood.lit
Aldiss, Brian - Greybeard(v1.1)(htm).rar
Aldiss, Brian - Total Environment (v1.0) (html).rar
Aldiss, Brian A. - Door Slams in Fourth World (F&SF 1982-10)(htm v1.0).rar
Aldiss, Brian - But Who Can Replace a Man (rtf).zip
Aldiss, Brian - Man In His Time (txt).zip
Aldiss, Brian - Neanderthal Planet (doc).zip
Aldiss, Brian - Outside (txt).zip
Aldiss, Brian - Super-Toys Last All Summer Long (txt).zip
Aldiss, Brian - The Moment of Eclipse (rtf).zip
Aldiss, Brian - The Saliva Tree (txt).zip
Aldiss, Brian - There is a Tide (txt).zip
Aldiss, Brian W. - White Mars (lit).zip

Explanation: Cheryl Bolen
Size: 0.59 MB
Files included: Bolen, Cheryl - (Brides of Bath 01) - The Bride Wore Blue (V1.0) (HTML).rar
Bolen, Cheryl - (Brides of Bath 02) - With This Ring (V1.0) (HTML).rar
Bolen, Cheryl - (Brides of Bath 03) - A Fallen Woman (V1.0) (HTML).rar
Bolen, Cheryl - The Counterfeit Countess (V1) (html, jpg).rar

Explanation: Frances Hodgson Burnett
Size: 2.84 MB
Files included: Burnett, Frances Hodgson - A Lady of Quality (lit).zip
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - A Little Princess (lit).zip
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - Esmerelda (lit).zip
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - His Grace Osmonde (lit).zip
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - Little Lord Fauntelroy (lit).zip
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - The Dawn of a To-Morrow (lit).zip
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - The Land of the Blue Flower (pdb).zip
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - The Little Hunchback Zia (pdb).zip
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - The Lost Prince (lit).zip
Burnett, Frances Hodgson - The Secret Garden (lit).zip

Explanation: Jayne Castle
Size: 2.08 MB
Files included: Castle, Jayne–(Candelight Ecstasy Romance 2) Gentle
Castle, Jayne–(Harmony 1) After
Castle, Jayne–(Harmony 2) Bridal
Castle, Jayne–(Harmony 3) After
Castle, Jayne–(St. Helens 1)
Castle, Jayne–(St. Helens 2)
Castle, Jayne–(St. Helens 3)

Explanation: Liz Carlyle
Size: 2.98 MB
Files included: Carlyle, Liz–(Devil 1) The Devil You
Carlyle, Liz–(Devil 2) A Deal With The
Carlyle, Liz–(Sins, Lies & Secrets 1) One Little
Carlyle, Liz–(Sins, Lies & Secrets 2) Two Little
Carlyle, Liz–(Sins, Lies & Secrets 3) Three Little
Carlyle, Liz–A Woman Of
Carlyle, Liz–Beauty Like The
Carlyle, Liz–No True

Explanation: Maggie Casper
Size: 0.56 MB
Files included: Casper, Maggie - California Cowboy (v1.0)
Casper, Maggie - Every Beat Of Her Heart (v1.0)
Casper, Maggie - For the Love of Callie (v1.0)
Casper, Maggie - Honoring Sean (v1.0)
Casper, Maggie - The Chance of a Lifetime (v1.0)

Explanation: Rex Stout
Size: 3.67 MB
Files included: Stout, Rex - A Family Affair (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Death of a Doxy (htm).zip
Stout, Rex - Death of a Dude (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Homicide Trinity (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe - Red Box (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe - Too Many Women (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe 03 - The Rubber Band (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe 06 - Some Buried Caesar (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe 09 - Black Orchids (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe 13 - More Deaths Than One (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe 15 - The Second Confession (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe 16 - Three Doors to Death (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe 25 - Before Midnight (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe 35 - Final Deduction (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Nero Wolfe 38 - The Mother Hunt (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Over My Dead Body (htm).zip
Stout, Rex - Prisoner's Base (htm).zip
Stout, Rex - The World Series Murder (lit).zip
Stout, Rex - Three Doors to Death (htm).zip

Explanation: Stephanie Bond
Size: 1.97 MB
Files included: Stephanie Bond - In Deep Voodoo (lit).rar
Stephanie Bond - Irresistible (v1.1) (html).rar
Stephanie Bond - Kids Is A Four Letter Word (v1.1) (html).rar
Stephanie Bond - Kill the Competition (lit).rar
Stephanie Bond - Party Crashers (lit).rar
Stephanie Bond - Whole Lotta Trouble (lit).rar
Stephanie Bond - Wife Is A 4-Letter Word (v1.1) (html).rar

Explanation: Susan Carroll
Size: 3.45 MB
Files included: Carroll, Susan–(St. Leger 1) The Bride
Carroll, Susan–(St. Leger 2) The Night
Carroll, Susan–(St. Leger 3) Midnight
Carroll, Susan–The
Carroll, Susan–The Dark
Carroll, Susan–The Silver
Carroll, Susan–

Explanation: Tad Williams
Size: 8.78 MB
Files included: Williams, Tad - Memory, Sorrow & Thorn - 02 - Stone of Farew.lit
Williams, Tad - Memory, Sorrow & Thorn - 03 - To Green Angle.lit
Williams, Tad - Memory, Sorrow & Thorn Prequel - The Burning.lit
Williams, Tad - Otherland 2 - River of Blue Fire.lit
Williams, Tad - Otherland 3 - Mountain of Black Glass.lit
Williams, Tad - Otherland 4 - Sea of Silver Light.lit
Williams, Tad - Otherland1 - City of Golden Shadow.lit
(new1-27) Williams, Tad - The War of the Flowers v1 (htm).rar
Williams, Tad - Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 01 - The Dragonbone Chair lit.rar
Williams, Tad - Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 02 - Stone of Farewell lit.rar
Williams, Tad - Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 04 - To Green Angel Tower Part 1 doc.rar
Williams, Tad - Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 04 - To Green Angel Tower Part 2 doc.rar
Williams, Tad - Shadowmarch (v1.0)_rtf.rar
Williams, Tad - Monsieur Vergalant's Canard (lit).zip
Williams, Tad - Tailchaser's Song (lit).zip

Explanation: Various english romance
Size: 4.82 MB
Files included: Kleypas, Lisa - Dreaming Of You (html).html
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Honey Moon5.html
Catherine Coulter False Pretenses.lit
Suzanne Brockmann - Love with the proper stranger.lit
Suzanne Brockmann - Undercover Princess.lit
Brockmann, Suzanne - (BARTLETT BROS 01) - Forbidden (Loveswept #832).rar
Brockmann, Suzanne - Embraced By Love rtf.rar
Enoch, Suzanne - A Matter Of Scandal v02 (doc).rar
Enoch, Suzanne - England's Perfect Hero (v1.0) (html).rar
Enoch, Suzanne - Flirting With Danger (v1.0) (html).rar
Lisa Kleypas - (Theatre 02) - Because You're Mine (doc).rar
Maxwell, Cathy - Temptation of a Proper governess (HTML).rar
Maxwell, Cathy - The Price of Indiscretion (V1.0) (htm).rar
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Hot Shot (v1.0) (html).rar
Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Fancy Pants (html).rar
Brown, Sandra - Heaven's Price.txt
Harlequin - Brown, Sandra - Adam's Fall.txt
Coulter, Catherine–(Sherbrooke 9) Lyon's
Coulter, Catherine–Beyond

Explanation: Jonathan Kellerman
Size: 0.47 MB
Files included: Kellerman, Jonathan - (Alex Delaware 20) - Gone (v1.0) (html).rar
Kellerman, Jonathan - (Alex Delaware 19) - Rage (v1.0) (txt).zip

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