Vedic Maths Complete Course - Intermediate Level Techniques

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Vedic Maths Complete Course - Intermediate Level Techniques

Vedic Maths Complete Course - Intermediate Level Techniques
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Follow up to "Vedic Maths Complete Course - A Strong Foundation"

What you'll learn

14 HOURS (840 Minutes) of videos with detailed working and explanations
Fast Mental Mathematics
Quick Mental techniques and fast calculations when using pen and paper
A holistic approach to Vedic Maths rather than "tricks" and "shortcuts"
Some videos have completely new material never seen before!
Logical explanation of every method


Vedic Maths Complete Course - A Strong Foundation
Follow along with pen and paper!


This course is a follow up course to Vedic Maths Complete Course - A Strong Foundation.

If you have been learning Vedic/Fast Maths by watching "magic math tricks" and "shortcuts" you've been DOING IT WRONG!!

This course takes a holistic approach to teaching Fast Mental Mathematics. It introduces new concepts like speedily finding squares, cubes and higher powers of numbers. You will also learn useful algorithms for serial and grid multiplication. The course will further branch into divisibility rules (of ANY number) and how you can create your own rules for divisibility as and when needed. After discussing various methods of division and auxiliary fractions we will then learn how to find square roots and cube roots of exact and inexact squares and cubes.

The course does not look at Vedic Maths as a set of "magic tricks" and "shortcuts" (and I discourage anyone to study Vedic maths as "tricks"), but instead this course teaches practical level mental mathematics while clearly explaining the logic of each method. So once the students understand the logic the methods become second-nature and there is no memorisation required.

This course also contains material never seen before anywhere in the World (e.g. Osculation, Auxiliary Fractions and General Division) and I hope that students find this enlightening.

If this course sparks in you a thirst for more (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Conics and Calculus), I will consider my purpose served and I look forward to seeing you in future courses.

Who this course is for:

Students appearing for CAT, GMAT, LSAT, SAT and other exams
Anyone who wants to speed up day-to-day calculations
Kids/Adults who want to take their foundation knowledge of Vedic Maths to the next level

Vedic Maths Complete Course - Intermediate Level Techniques

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