VEDIC MATHEMATICS - 16 Mathematical Formulae from the Vedas

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Sixteen simple MathematicalFormulae from the Vedas
(For One-line Answers to all Mathematical Problems)

The late Sankaracharya's epoch-making work on Vedic-Mathematics brings to the notice of the intelligentsia most strikingly a new theory and method, now almost unknown, of arriving at the truth of things which in this particular case concerns the truth of numbers and magnitude, but might as well cover, as it undoubtedly did in a past age in India, all sciences and arts, with results which do not fail to evoke a sense of awe and amazement today. The method obviously is radically differnt from the one adopted by the modern mind.
This book Vedic Mathematics deals mainly with various vedic mathematical formulae and their applications for carrying out tedious and cumbersome arithmetical operations, and to a very large extent, executing them mentally. In this field of mental arithmetical operations the works of the famous mathematicians Trachtenberg and Lester Meyers (High Speed Maths) are elementary compared to that of Jagadguruji.