Visio 2003 Bible

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Visio 2003 Bible

Visio 2003 Bible
Publisher: Wiley | ISBN: 0764557246 | May 2004 | PDF | 814 Pages | Size: 6.93 Mb

* Providing comprehensive coverage of Visio's large feature set for technical and engineering professionals, the book begins with a quick introduction to the intuitive interface
* This book quickly moves into the specialized stencils, shapes, and templates used in software and network design and documentation, engineering disciplines, and project management
* Features strong coverage of Visio's tight integration with other Microsoft Office products and as well as its interoperability with related products from other vendors, including AutoCad
* Explores how users in various fields can customize Visio with add-ons to meet their specific needs
* The author is a structural engineer and Visio user with twenty years of experience in project management

Table of Contents

Part I: Understanding Visio Fundamentals.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Visio.

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Drawings.

Chapter 3: Working with Visio Files.

Chapter 4: Working with Shapes.

Chapter 5: Connecting Shapes.

Chapter 6: Working with Text.

Chapter 7: Formatting Visio Elements.

Part II: Integrating Visio Drawings.

Chapter 8: Inserting, Linking, and Embedding Objects.

Chapter 9: Importing, Exporting, and Publishing Visio Data to the Web.

Chapter 10: Linking Shapes with Data.

Part III: Using Visio for Office Productivity.

Chapter 11: Collaborating with Others.

Chapter 12: Building Block Diagrams.

Chapter 13: Constructing Charts and Graphs.

Chapter 14: Working with Organization Charts.

Chapter 15: Working with Flowcharts.

Chapter 16: Documenting Business Processes.

Chapter 17: Scheduling Projects with Visio.

Chapter 18: Documenting Brainstorming Sessions.

Part IV: Using Visio in Information Technology.

Chapter 19: Modeling and Documenting Databases.

Chapter 20: Building UML Models.

Chapter 21: Building Software Development Diagrams.

Chapter 22: Mapping Web Sites.

Chapter 23: Creating Network Diagrams.

Part V: Using Visio for Architecture and Engineering.

Chapter 24: Working with Scaled Drawings.

Chapter 25: Creating Scaled Plan Drawings.

Chapter 26: Laying Out Architectural and Engineering Plans.

Chapter 27: Planning Space and Managing Facilities.

Chapter 28: Integrating CAD and Visio.

Chapter 29: Working with Engineering Drawings.

Part VI: Customizing Templates, Stencils, and Shapes.

Chapter 30: Creating and Customizing Templates.

Chapter 31: Creating and Customizing Stencils.

Chapter 32: Creating and Customizing Shapes.

Chapter 33: Customizing Shapes Using ShapeSheets.

Chapter 34: Formatting with Styles.

Chapter 35: Customizing Toolbars and Menus.

Chapter 36: Automating Visio.

Part VII: Quick Reference.

Chapter 37: Installing Visio 2003.

Chapter 38: Visio 2003 Help Resources.

Chapter 39: Additional Resources for Templates and Stencils.

Chapter 40: Keyboard Shortcuts.

Chapter 41: Template and Stencil Reference.


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