Vital Nephrology

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Vital Nephrology

Andy Stein, Janet Wild, Paul Cook, Richenda Milton-Thompson (Editor), «Vital Nephrology»
Class Publishing | ISBN 1859591027 | 2004| PDF | 112 Pages | 1,3 Mb

Nephrology is a vast subject. It would be impossible for us to summarise it all in one short book.However,we hope we have written a useful ‘fact file’ of information about the most vital points of nephrology. It is not meant to be a tome. It is a ‘practical book’, helping the reader with day-to-day decisions – for example, how to set up a renal biopsy, but not how to interpret it. Other books can tell you that.
It has been written for all renal unit health professionals. But it is especially aimed at ward doctors and nurses. Even so,we hope it will be useful to house officers, and more junior nurses – and indeed to specialist registrars and consultants who are looking for practical, easily accessible information. We have tried to concentrate on the issues that arise most frequently in the ward situation and steer away from the outpatients’ domain, admittedly where most renal patients are seen.
We hope it will give you the right type of information, in situations where there is no one around to ask, or when you feel you should already know the answer.The standards set by the Renal Association – to which we should all aspire – are integral to the text.
Each chapter includes a ‘patient education’ section.This is designed partly to help the health professional with words to describe complicated or delicate topics to patients; and partly for the occasional patient-reader.
We (Andy Stein and Janet Wild) recruited the help of Dr Paul Cook, a Specialist Renal Registrar, as we felt we were now too far from the coalface to write about what actually happens the re.Without his help, this book would not have been written. He fitted in seamlessly to an established writing team.