The Web Programmer's Desk Reference

Posted By: Pecovo
The Web Programmer's Desk Reference

The Web Programmer's Desk Reference
Publisher: No Starch Press | ISBN-10: 1593270119 | CHM | 1128 pages | 1.3 MB

The intended reader already uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and maybe some Microsoft-only technologies, and has references on them. Those references may show which HTML elements allow STYLE values, but not what values have meaning for that element. They may show what JavaScript methods and properties exist, but not which HTML elements support which ones, and so on. Details like which particular properties apply to which particular elements in which versions of Internet Explorer are critical to complex web sites, but generally hard to find - unless you look here.

This book is the missing link. The subtitle really says it best: “A complete cross-reference to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.” This supplements the references you already have, it doesn’t supplant them. You’ll still need other books for the how and why of each topic, and beginners may not even understand the problem that’s being solved here.

I have very few complaints about the content. One is that it’s not very explicit about versions of the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript standards that define each feature. Another is that it discusses Internet Explorer and Netscape, but disregards other browsers. And, as expected in a new title of this size, there are a few formatting glitches and typos. None of those problems interfere much with the book’s value. A web reference to its many brief examples would have been helpful, too, but seems to be missing.

This isn’t a tutorial. There are no “coolness” tips or slick demos. This is for people with plenty of coolness of their own, but lots of hard problems to solve in bringing it to life. Perhaps you’ve already got a stack of web development manuals, but an ongoing “The answer is in there SOMEWHERE” frustration. In that case, you probably want this book - maybe the answer won’t be here, but this book will probably tell you where it is.