Welding Aluminium & Its Alloys

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Mathers Gene, “Welding Aluminium and Its Alloys”

CRC-Press | ISBN 0849315514 | October 2002 | 236 Pages

This is a practical user's guide to all aspects of welding aluminium and aluminium alloys. Ideal for engineers who may have little prior understanding of metallurgy and only a brief acquaintance with the welding processes involved, it also provides a basic understanding of the metallurgical principles involved, showing how alloys achieve their strength and how the process of welding can affect these properties.. The author describes the more frequently encountered processes and presents recommendations on welding parameters for use as a starting point for developing a viable welding procedure. He also includes tips for avoiding some of the pitfalls of welding these sometimes-problematic materials.


Another little 7 page of info, might be useful in another booklet of tig welding aluminium