Why Government Doesn't Work

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Why Government Doesn't Work

Harry Browne, «Why Government Doesn't Work»
ISBN 0965603601 | PDF | 1,6 Mb | 245 Pages

Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party candidate for President in 1996, outlines his views on government and lays out his platform. According to Browne, just about everything from rising healthcare costs to our collapsing morality is the fault of a government that differs from organized crime only because it "has flags in front of its offices." The answer to all our ills, he says, lies with free enterprise, which should be put in charge of such tasks as national defense and education. Among the things he promises to do if elected: pardon anyone ever convicted of violating federal weapons-control laws, and sell the country's national parks.

A first reading of the book jacket and you would think Harry Browne is a top republican, and you would be wrong. Harry Browne is a Libertarian and this book is an unbelievable work of what the government hasn't or failed to do.

Browne's attention to details and a well throughout plans on how to fix Social Security, reduce the deficit, and eliminate federal tax and makes the government smaller and smarter is a real pleasure to read. While I think that they might be a little ambitious, I also think they are achievable.

The book shows how social programs started out with the best of intentions and have become and overburden to society. Browne's how the government has and is failing in so many areas and they ways we need to go about changing them in order to make a brighter future for everyone.

Browne conveys all of these ideas, once again proving that without the government we can save money. I must admit, I was a little skeptical about this book, but Harry Browne has convinced me that things can be brighter with a little work - well done!