Windows. People councils

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Windows. People councils

Windows. People councils
A. Klimov, I. Chebotarev - 2006
PDF RUSSIAN - ISBN : 5-94157-630-7 -645 pages - size : 31.9Mb

In the contemporary peace the role of computers is very high and their integration in all branches of economy and in private life constantly grows. Now it is already difficult to represent as to accomplish many daily tasks without the use of a computer. And all this imposes the increased requirements on computer literacy. The practically each educated person must manage computer at the level of experienced user. In this book you will find numerous useful advice, craftinesses, methods, which will help you to facilitate their work on the computer and to increase standard of knowledge. Here not will be examined the trivial questions, described in large quantities of literature. Special support is made to the little-known special features of the operating system MS Windows; however, the account of material is such, that even the inexperienced user easily will be able at everything to be dismantled.